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IHeater Advanced Infrared Heater Warms 1000 Sq. Feet (One Day Sale)
IHeater Advanced Infrared Heater Warms 1000 Sq. Feet (One Day Sale)
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Brand New IHeater 2009
IHeaterô Heating 1000 Sq. Feet
W/Full Function Remote
Compare this unit to the Eden Pure & Comfort Zone

  • Heats up to 1000 square feet for $1 / day
  • 14 inches x 11 inches x 15 inches
  • Advanced Technology Infrared Heating Elements (No Bulbs)
  • Copper Heating Chamber
  • Decorative Cabinet
  • LIFETIME washable air filter
  • Commercial Grade Thermostat
  • Advanced tip over protection (Shuts off AUTOMATICALLY if tipped over)
  • Cannot start fires
  • Safe around kids or pets
  • No Flames, fumes or deadly carbon monoxides (unlike kerosene or propane heaters)
  • Doesn't remove oxygen or humidity from the air
  • Heats multiple rooms
  • FREE Factory Warranty

  • Operates on just PENNIES A DAY!
  • Designed to last 20,000 hours minimum instead of the standard 5,000 hour rating on most other infrared bulbs.



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    Only $349 
    (you save $100+!)

    Heats up to 1000 sq. ft. Heats up  to 1000 sq. ft.
    Rated at Approximately 5000 BTU Rated at Approximately 5000 BTU
    Uses Conventional 115V Outlet Uses Conventional 115V Outlet
    Amps: 12.5 Amps: 12.5
    Watts: 1483 Watts: 1483
    Push Button Controls Push Button Controls
    17 1/2" X 13 1/2" X 18" 17 1/2" X 13 1/2" X 18"
    Weighs: 26 lbs Weighs Appox. 26 lbs.
     Warranty: YES  Warranty: YES

  • The new advanced iHeater portable heater can cut your heating bill in half. Itís affordable, easy to use, cleaner air and advanced infrared technology.
    The iHeater portable heater works on the principle of infrared heat, the same way the sun heats the earth, to give you a natural, comfortable heat.
    It works like a convection oven, moving the air around to give you a uniform heat. It draws air in through the back, up and over the heating elements, and out the front. And since it draws in air from the ground (where the air is the coldest) and circulates effectively with two powerful fans, you will get a uniform warm blanket of air from floor to ceiling.
    The heat coming out is 120-125 degrees. And the heat is an even, safe (no carbon monoxide), and most of all, very comfortable type of heat. The iHeater heating chamber incorporates a cured copper panel for efficient heating by distribution of water molecules in the air. Ionized water molecules distribute the heat more evenly in the room than do the air molecules, which is why you eliminate most cold air pockets in a room by using infrared heat. It is a warmer gentler heat that penetrates the body more effectively than radiant heat.
    Q Is the iHeater safe to use?
    A. Yes. The iHeater can be placed against the wall or furniture without the risk of a fire. The iHeater does not release any energy into the air that will burn or harm anyone. For that reason the iHeater is safe for children and pets.
    Q. Can the iHeater heat more rooms at the same time?
    A. Yes, if placed in a central room and with the help of ceiling fans.  It does depend on how open your floor plan is, the sizes of the rooms, and how insulated the rooms are.
    Q. How long does it take to heat a room at first?
    A. Less than an hour, but also depends on the size of the room, how well the room is insulated, and etc.
    Q. Can these heaters be placed in moist and damp areas?
    A. Itís suggested not to place the iHeater in those rooms due to the moisture.
    Q. Can I use the heaters in a basement or garage?
    A. Yes, but because of the bare concrete floor it absorbs some of the heat, so putting the heater a few feet above the floor will allow for more efficient heating.
    Q. Can you use more heaters at once?
    A. Yes, but each iHeater should have its own circuit.
    Q. Why is it that this quartz infrared heating source uses less energy to create heat than other sources?
    A. The iHeater Infrared Portable Heater doesnít use burning heat. Once the heat exchanger takes in the infrared heat, it releases the heat into the air which is carried by the humidity in the air. This causes the heat to travel fast and equally throughout a room. The iHeater Quartz Infrared Heater efficiency is based on the spreading of energized air, not on just fan movement. This heat is coined as ďsoft heatĒ because of how comfortable it is.
    Q. What advantages does the infrared quartz tube heating source have over other heating source products?
    A. In the iHeater system, electricity is used to generate infrared light which then creates a very safe heat. Infrared is the safest type of heat because it does not create carbon monoxide or harmful radiation. Infrared heat doesn't get to a burning temperature.
    Q. What are the other disadvantages of combustion heat sources?
    A. Heat sources that get above the burning level are unhealthy. It creates dry, irritating indoor air. It also burns lots of oxygen in the air. This dry heat and lack of oxygen dries out sinuses and mucus in the throat, and makes people vulnerable to diseases.   Many combustible heat sources produce carbon monoxide, static cling, and some produce radiation.   
    Q. How can a person cut their heating bill up to 50% with the iHeater?
    A. It uses less energy to create heat and will heat a room in minutes. You could turn the heat down and the room with the iHeater will stay warm and comfortable. The iHeater is a portable heater and when moved to another room, quickly heats that room. 
    Q. How can the iHeater produce clean fresh air without furnace filters?
    A. A furnace generates lots of dust due to the combustion. Lowering the furnace temperature, you are using your furnace less and reducing the requirement for the furnace filters. The iHeater doesnít create combustion.
    Q.  Can I move the heater around while itís on?
    A. We suggest that you donít move the heater while on and wait until the heater fans have completely turned off.
    Q. Why does the Blower Fan keep running after turned off?
    A. It continues to run until the heat chambers have cooled down. After a few minutes the fan shuts off automatically.
    Q. What is Zone Heating?
    A. Zone heating is about focusing heat where people spend the most time. There is no point heating rooms to 68+ degrees if they arenít in use.
    Q.  Can the heater and other appliances be used at the same time?
    A. Yes, as long as they are using different circuits. These heaters are considered to be an appliance. Do not run more than one larger appliance on a single circuit breaker. Appliances like your freezer, refrigerator, microwave oven, washing machine, dryer, and other appliances should not share a circuit breaker. 
    Q. Can I use an extension cord, surge protector, or power strip with my heater?
    A. NO. The heaters are designed to be plug directly into a grounded 100 volt 15 amp or higher circuit receptacle. Do not use a cord adapter or remove the grounding plug. Removing any part of the heater will void the warranty.

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